Radio America, a division of The American Studies Center, has earned a reputation for “turning talk into action.” The network has provided a voice for American conservatives for over twenty-five years through 5 Presidential administrations and 14 congresses. The stated mission of Radio America is to produce and distribute radio programs, documentaries, public service announcements and special features that reflect the parent foundation’s commitment to traditional American values, limited government, and the free market.

Radio America has built a solid reputation for excellence among the many thousands of stations which have broadcast the network’s offerings over the past twenty five years. During that time, Radio America has won a host of awards including the New York International Radio Festivals Gold and Silver medals, the ABA Silver Gavel, Gabriel, Ohio State, Freedom Foundation and many others.

James C. Roberts founded Radio America in 1985 while talk radio was in its infancy. Like television, a few large networks that espoused a largely liberal view dominated the radio airwaves, and subsequently set the national news agenda. Radio America was launched to bring the ideals of limited government and free market thought to the great issues that affect the American people, as well as restore balance to the national airwaves.

The Network currently broadcasts twenty-four hours per day, seven days a week, syndicating five daily programs and over two-dozen weekly programs to more than 400 radio stations across the nation. Thanks in part to Radio America’s pioneering efforts, Americans now have access to a wide variety of conservative news/talk radio stations across the country.

The 21st century has ushered in a momentous shift in how each side promotes their candidates and public policy messages. The Internet and new media have spearheaded this shift and is now a major source for news and opinion for Americans. As a news and opinion outlet, Radio America has grown with the demand on new media while maintaining a strong presence in traditional media outlets such as radio.

In 2009, Radio America launched its Online News Bureau, which in addition to a full lineup of daily radio programs, features news pieces for the website World Net Daily, gaining exposure to millions of monthly unique visitors.

In 2010, Radio America formed a partnership with National Review Online to produce a daily audio program called, Three Martini Lunch, which is targeted towards a younger audience through it’s fast paced, humorous analysis of three major news stories each day.

In 2011, with the help from the Schwan Corporate Foundation, Radio America built a state-of-the-art video broadcast studio and has begun production of news and opinion “web television” programming.